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moosers 02/28/2010

GML 8200 : moosers のユーザーレビュー (content in English)


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The GML 8200 is a stereo parametric equalizer, with a ton of versatility. It is an analog piece of gear that XLR connections for input and output for each of the channels, and requires a five pin power supply. Each channel has five bands of EQ, and overall the unit is rack mountable, taking up two rack spaces.


If you know how to use a parametric equalizer, you already know how to use the GML 8200! It is really that simple. Each of the five bands has parameters for frequency and gain. The frequency knobs each have a certain amount of fixed frequencies to choose from. There are two low bands that are identical, as well as two high bands that also have the same frequencies to choose from. A manual isn't necessary to use the 8200, and if you think you need one I would recommend just learning about parametric equalizers in general rather than trying to tackle the 8200.


The GML 8200 is definitely one of the cleanest sounding equalizers that I've used to date. While I wouldn't say that it has as much character as some of the other, warmer sounding EQs that I've used, it cannot be matched when it comes to clarity and transparency. The GML 8200 is absolutely the perfect equalizer to use for all sorts of applications, and especially for notching and carving in very specific places.


The GML 8200 was definitely designed with professionals in mind, and for those looking for top notch sound regardless of price. They don't try to mess with the formula too much if at all here in terms of make up, which is something that I like very much since it makes it easy to use and to operate. Of course the price for the 8200 is insane, which makes it inaccessible to everyone except those with a ton of cash to spend on an EQ. While I can't say that it is worth the price, I will end by saying I'd be hard pressed to find a better sounding EQ at this price...