Akai APC40
Akai APC40

APC40, PAD Controller from Akai in the APC series.

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moosers 02/25/2011

Akai APC40 : moosers のユーザーレビュー (content in English)


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The Akai APC40 is a unique MIDI controller that's designed for use with Ableton Live. Ableton is a DAW that's becoming more and more popular and for good reason as it's really intuitive and easy to use for creating music in the box. The APC40 makes this process even a little bit easier as it gives you access to controls in the DAW on an external piece. It's perfect as a controller for live shows if you're using your laptop on stage. I only recently got to try out the APC40 with Ableton, and while Ableton isn't my main DAW since I don't do all that much music creation in the box, it's a great tool for those who are using Ableton on a daily basis. You can control pretty much everything in Ableton using the APC40, as it's got nine faders (including a master), buttons for clip control, knobs for track and device controls, as well as transport and channel controls. It's pretty in depth with everything that it can do but if you know Ableton Live well, I don't think you'll have a hard time adjusting. Since I don't use Ableton all the time, it'll take me a little more time to get used to using the APC40, but I think those a bit more experienced will feel pretty comfortable with it. The price is about right for the APC40 considering all that it brings to the table and it's nice build. Of course for it to be worth it you should be using Ableton a lot as this doesn't work with other DAW's that I'm aware of, or least it's modeled after Ableton and wouldn't really translate over. For those who do have Ableton Live, definitely check out the APC40 for hands on control of your DAW.