Phonic PPC9000E
Phonic PPC9000E

PPC9000E, PA 用アクセサリ from Phonic.

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Skjold 08/12/2012

Phonic PPC9000E : Skjold のユーザーレビュー (content in English)

"A good starting point"

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I use this device at both home, rehearsal studio and live and I've not had any issues with it at all.
I've since the beginning of 2010 been using a rack for all my guitar gear, and needed a power conditioner. On one hand for the safety of power surges and on the other, for the simplicity of only having to use a single power plug, when performing live.
It does this job really well. Of course you can buy better units, like the ones from Furman, but this one suits my needs at the moment.

What you get is ten (10) power outlets on the back of the unit, along with another one on the front. I only use the outlets on the back. But I can imagine the use of it, if you are a pianist or such, using a computer in your setup. You also get to lights and a voltage meter, to make sure you get enough power from the outlet. Last but not least, you have a master on/off switch for all the gear plugged into the unit.
The lights on the front are dim-able, making it easy to get the correct amount of light, in order to see your gear, but not draw (too much) attention to on stage. Some lights on the back would be nice though, as it can get quite dark on the back of a rack, when on stage, or just backstage!

The only issues I've had with the unit, has been caused by the power supply at the venues I've been playing. An option to switch the phase on the unit, would be rather nice, since I run all my units with ground. Some older buildings does not have this wired all around the house.

Other then that, I can recommend this unit, if you're on a budget and need a power conditioner.