Snarling Dogs SDP-2 Black Dog
Snarling Dogs SDP-2 Black Dog

SDP-2 Black Dog, Overdrive pedal from Snarling Dogs.

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goodbyebluesky 04/01/2008

Snarling Dogs SDP-2 Black Dog : goodbyebluesky のユーザーレビュー (content in English)


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The Snarling Dog's Black Dog is an overdrive pedal. Its built like a homemade pedal and not not mass produced ones, with a 2 piece sheet metal angled box, generic push button, and classic chicken beak knobs for volume and gain. It also has a switch for "attack control" that lets you choose "snarl" or "bite". Fun, fun. But the coolest thing about this pedal is the dog's face staring back at you whose eyes light up red when you switch on the unit.


Its pretty simple to operate; no eq, just a volume and gain knob, and attack switch.


I like this pedal, it has a very classic sound to me. Its got more bark to it than my TS9 tube screamer, though not as much sustain. I find it perfect for nailing that AC/DC sound.
I eventually get a bit bored and it feels kind of like a one-trick-pony since I can't get creamy sustain for soling like I do from the TS9, and its not quite as warm.
But, since it has true bypass, where you can turn it off and its like its not even there (why can't more pedal makers spend the time to do that>!) then I like to keep it right there in my signal chain for that classic british bark once in a while.


I've had mine a few years, never had any technical problems with it which is great. I love the design and look of this pedal, it has its cool points just for being unique. I dig the sound, I just don't find it to be "my" sound. I can't even remember what I paid for this pedal though I bet they can be had pretty cheap now used. I reccomend picking one up, or at least trying out any of the other Snarling Dogs pedals. They are bound to make something for your style and tastes. I'm itching to try a Tweed Dog for some bluesy clapton licks.