Maxon OD9Pro+ Overdrive
Maxon OD9Pro+ Overdrive

OD9Pro+ Overdrive, Overdrive pedal from Maxon in the 9 (Reissue) series.

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tjon901 05/27/2011

Maxon OD9Pro+ Overdrive : tjon901 のユーザーレビュー (content in English)

"An improvement on a classic"

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Maxon has been around since the 70s making effects pedals for Ibanez and as well for themselves. They have continuously upgraded these pedals to keep up with the times by using true bypass and better switches. The OD-9 Pro+ is an improvement on the old OD-9/Tube Screamer design. Maxon talked to many guitarists using the old pedals and asked them what they should change or improve. The original OD-9 circuit was used as the base, but for the Pro+ an additional Op-Amp was placed in the output stage to prove a more open and less compressed drive when used in regular drive mode to offer a more balanced frequency response.


The controls on the OD-9 Pro+ are basically the same as most over drive pedals. It has a Drive knob a Tone knob and a Level knob. Something different it has is an extra little boost knob. The boost knob increases the midrange and drive level to make a thicker tone that is more compressed and sustains more. The Pro+ has an internal dip switch which is accessed under the battery cover. With this switch you can select 9 or 18 volts operation through an on board DC voltage doubling circuit.


With the drive control cranked and with the boost mode on the OD-9 Pro+ is best used with a clean amp. It sounds a lot like a Tube Screamer. It has really in your face mids that can be used for blues or rock. With the boost off and lighter overdrive it sounds a bit like a fender blackface. The tone control can be used to balance out bright amps and make the sound better. The 9 or 18 volt selector also can change the sound. If you change it to 18 volts the overdrive becomes bigger and more dynamic. It is more open sounding. 9 volts provides a more traditional Tube Screamer sound.


Maxon has been making overdrive pedals since the 70s. Many of the classic overdrive tones you have heard over the years probably came from a Maxon or a Tube Screamer manufactured by Maxon. If you are looking for an evolution of that classic overdrive pedal sound the OD-9 Pro+ overdrive may be what you are looking for.