Lovepedal Lovepedal Kanji 9 Overdrive Pedal
Lovepedal Lovepedal Kanji 9 Overdrive Pedal

Lovepedal Kanji 9 Overdrive Pedal, Overdrive pedal from Lovepedal.

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mooseherman 04/27/2011

Lovepedal Lovepedal Kanji 9 Overdrive Pedal : mooseherman のユーザーレビュー (content in English)

"Overdrive with options!"

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This is a new company that I have just discovered. I've been searching out different companies' pedals for a while, as I'm getting tired of hearing the same boss tones all the time. This one is an ovedrive, but that's a bit misleading as it actually has a lot of tonal range, and has a little bit of compression thrown in for good measure. It really can go from a light overdrive to a lighter distortion depending on your choice of gear.


It has the typical volume, drive, and tone knobs that you'd expect, but also adds some really cool extra features in the two toggle-switches. The first one switches tonal range (it's a three-way switch so you can get a detailed tone selection between that and the knob.) It also has another toggle switch that changes between a relatively straight, dynamic signal, and a more compressed one allowing for more dynamics or smoothness, depending on what you need.


This pedal is interesting, in that it really can do a whole lot of different tones. With a Strat or Tele, it can do anything from a mild, slightly gainy boost, to a warm overdrive, even a ripping high pitched rock sound. With a Les Paul, it can get a great Smooth, creamy lead tone, and with another distortion can really tear things up. The added tone switch really almost makes it three different overdrive pedals, as the tonal difference can be that big. The compression switch, while not always necessary for me, does make it easier to use if you're going for a clean boost for a solo or something, but I find that for rock music I tend not to need it. I still like having it though, just in case!
I'd say that it mostly sounds best on Tube amps, as do most pedals and most instruments really.


Overall, this is a really awesome pedal. It makes me want to sell at least one other one I own! I think the best thing about it is the range of tones. While it has a a few options in terms of sound, I like it because none of them are bad, and all are in fact useful for me quite often. I'm confident that this pedal will have something for just about everyone, assuming you play anything that requires overdrive.