YJM308, Overdrive pedal from DOD.

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Heavyspender 04/24/2008

DOD YJM308 : Heavyspender のユーザーレビュー (content in English)


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This is a straightforward preamp overdrive. It can be used by itself as an overdrive pedal. (I don't like the sound that much when used in this way.) It can also be used as a gain/preamp booster, i.e. in front of a dirty amp or in front of a distortion/overdrive pedal. I believe it is digital. To my knowledge, it cannot be edited via computer. There is an input and output, as well as an input for 9v/dc power supply. This is a floor pedal, so it is not rackable.


Configuration is very simple, with just two knobs: level and gain. Getting the intended effects is really easy. Turn the gain all the way up, then adjust the level to your liking, and you're done with presets. I think I have the manual, but I don't think it was very useful. Luckily, you don't really need it.


As I said earlier, as an overdrive by itself, I am not so impressed by this pedal. However, when I put it after my noise suppressor and before any distortion pedals, it makes a wonderful, screaming preamp booster. I stomp on this baby primarily for solos, either with a distortion/overdrive pedal already engaged, or when the amp I'm using has it's drive/distortion pedal kicked in. It gives you days and days of endless sustain. I can also do fast,long solos without wasting all of my hard earned energy trying to press the strings so hard to get great tone and sustain. The only things I don't like about this pedal, I fixed by buying additional specialized pedals. It is very noisy, especially with the gain turned up. A noise suppressor fixes that. I also wish that it would boost volume when engaged, precisely because I use it for solos, but this unit does not give much of a volume boost when engaged. So I bought an equalizer that I can engage along side of it when it's time to solo.


I've had this pedal for about four and a half years. It is still an essential part of my rig, especially when my set calls for a solo or two, or three, or four. I love the sustain it creates. It would be nice if I didn't have to buy a noise suppressor and an equalizer to enhance its capabilities, but I already have. So no harm done, as I need these other two effects anyway. I was given this as a gift, so I didn't try anything else out, but I am very pleased with it. Not sure if there are better preamp boosters out there, and I don't really care to find out...that's how happy I am with it. I was given this as a gift, but if I had to buy one, I don't think the price would break the bank, especially considering the value it provides. This is the best pedal I could have gotten as a gift. Too bad this person doesn't give me gifts anymore, musical or otherwise.