Build Your Own Clone Overdrive 2
Build Your Own Clone Overdrive 2

Overdrive 2, Overdrive pedal from Build Your Own Clone.

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badgerific 03/29/2011

Build Your Own Clone Overdrive 2 : badgerific のユーザーレビュー (content in English)

"My favorite TS variant. "

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This is an overdrive pedal based on the famous Ibanez TS808 stomp box but with an excellent choice of modifications which allow you to get the most out of the Tubescreamer circuit.

Features include:

-Overdrive and boost pedals in 125B sized enclosure

-Three way clipping switch(Silicon/none/LED is standard but you can put whatever clipping diodes you want there)

-Three way tone switch (Full/normal/fat)

-Three internal trim pots to give you even more options to dial in exactly you want from your overdrive tone

-MOSFET add on kit to convert the boost section to a MOSFET boost rather than silicon and/or convert the LED clipping option to MOSFET

-Burr Brown OPA2134 and JRC4558D Op-amps are supplied so you can compare the two and decide which you prefer


This pedal is a DIY kit so I'll split this section into two, Building and Using.

Building: I have built a few of these for various people and despite being a very cramped build I found it very easy. As always BYOC's instructions are easy to follow and offer troubleshooting advice to get your effect going if it doesn't work out right the first time.

The pre-drilled enclosure and board mounted pots and switches make this build very easy to do neatly because the only thing that needs to be wired are the jacks and footswitches.

Using: This is my personal favorite Tubescreamer based overdrive that I've tried. It has a ridiculous amount of tone shaping options in a small pedalboard friendly sized case. Standard Tubescreamer Volume, Tone and Gain controls along with three way clipping and EQ switches open up a world of possibilities that the original Tubescreamer never had.

Plus there's the independent boost side which can be used as an excellent solo boost.

The only thing I dislike about using this pedal is having to look where I step on it as the switches are quite close and I have large feet.


I've used this pedal with a Fender Highway One Telecaster and Marshall JCM900 amplifier and I personally think that these three things are a wonderful combo. Using the JCM set to a clean tone and the OD2 with a fairly high gain when it's kicked in it produces an amazing smooth overdrive tone, and with the boost pushing it that little bit further it's even better.

The LED option on the clipping switch produces a slightly more crunchy tone which works really well with the Marshall.


My favorite thing about this pedal is building it because it's nice to be able to build something that sounds this good.

I think the value for the price of this pedal is really good as you can get a much more versatile pedal (Well two pedals because of the boost) for cheaper than you'd be paying for a standard Tubescreamer.

The main downside of this pedal is that I can imagine some people are not interested in building pedals but there are lots of people (myself included) will build them for you for a small price.