Boss DN-2 Dyna Drive
Boss DN-2 Dyna Drive

DN-2 Dyna Drive, Overdrive pedal from Boss.

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mooseherman 01/28/2010

Boss DN-2 Dyna Drive : mooseherman のユーザーレビュー (content in English)


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This is a distortion pedal that reacts drastically to the natural dynamics of your guitar playing. It's a basic analog pedal that uses the basic 1/4" I/O. It isn't rackable, and can't be edited through a Mac or PC program.


The three knobs on this guy mean that it operates similar to a basic distortion pedal, like Boss's own DS-1. The setup is pretty simple, just a Level knob for output level, a drive knob that controls gain (distortion), and a tone knob to change the EQ. The manual explains this clearly, though it's hardly necessary, anyone could figure this pedal out.


I used this pedal with my Strat and my Twin, and I must say, I was rather uncertain how I felt about it. Make no mistake, this pedal is cool. The differences between tones when playing softly and loudly are drastic. It gives the player a real freedom to affect the music they want naturally, and let their fingers do the work when it comes to tone. This is something I really enjoy as a player, and I feel very often that distortion pedals rob you of dynamics. That's what I really like about this pedal. Unfortunately, this pedal doesn't really sound THAT great. While it's far better than many of the weaker distortion pedals out there, including many made by Boss, it's still a little weak for me. I feel as though they are trying to emulate a really cranked tube amp, which will also give you a vast range of dynamics. Unfortunately, while it mimics that range nicely, it doesn't really sound as good, which frustrates me, as I use predominantly tube amps. Some of the lighter distortion tones are totally unnecessary in my opinion. This pedal can get far heavier and more distorted than a tube amp naturally can, so I suppose it does have that advantage over it.


Again, the control of dynamics with this thing is liberating and exhilarating. I'd say that for many people, this would be a great purchase, especially if they aren't satisfied with the lack of distorted dynamics that happens to so many of us. I've seen them go online for about 80-90 dollars and that's a great price for this, you really can't beat that. I'm sure that there's many people out there who would love the sound of this pedal, so it definitely should be commended.