Boss BD-2 Blues Driver
Boss BD-2 Blues Driver

BD-2 Blues Driver, Overdrive pedal from Boss.

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phraseland 12/12/2008

Boss BD-2 Blues Driver : phraseland のユーザーレビュー (content in English)


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Well this is a very basic distortion pedal by Boss. You get to adjust Gain, Level and Tone - the whole unit is built into the famous Boss casing - nearly indestructible.
The Bluesdriver is powered by a 9V Battery or an external power adaptor (not included).


Setting this effect up is quite simple. I usually put it right in the beginning of my chain - right after the Tube Screamer. Once you have it hooked up just dial in the tone you want and make sure that the volume doesn't drop when switching. Of course different gain settings give you different sounds - just trust your ears.
I don't think a manual is needed - maybe a piece of paper to jot down your own presets.


I really like the Bluesdriver. I have read on other reviews that they thought it was a bit too bassy and didn't have enough punch. I can see how people can feel that way and it really is a matter of taste. I use an old Fender Twin and run my Stratocaster through it. As these guitars don't have a lot of low mids by themselves this pedal complements my sound quite nicely. When I want crunch I switch on my Tube Screamer. Only occasionally do I use the Bluesdriver as a first overdrive - there I don't like the sound too much. But when I want a nice lead tone with endless sustain I switch on the Bluesdriver and together with the Tubescreamer it delivers just that. I also like that both have rather big pedals as it allows me to step on both of them at once during a gig.


I have been using the Bluesdriver for about two years now. I think eventually I will update it with an effect by T-Rex. They just sound better - period. I do think the Bluesdriver is not for everyone and even I wouldn't use it as a single pedal very often. But together with my Tubescreamer (or a similar pedal) it really gives my signal a very nice, creamy sound that can hold notes for hours!