Boss BD-2 Blues Driver
Boss BD-2 Blues Driver

BD-2 Blues Driver, Overdrive pedal from Boss.

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ericthegreat 11/25/2011

Boss BD-2 Blues Driver : ericthegreat のユーザーレビュー (content in English)

"very good pedal"

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The sound quality of the Boss BD-2 Blues Driver is fantastic if you are trying to slam the front of your overdriven amp. It will do that 80's tone in spades. So my use was normally just as a simple booster to get the amp sizzling even more. Made jamming really much more pleasurable. It was warm and somewhat smooth but I would call is a bit sleazy. This is a pedal you don't take home to is a pedal that you told tell your parents about but show off to your friends for high fives if that makes sense. It gives you that pissed off Marshall tone that you hear on so many records from the 80's hard rock glam metal genre.


I used it with my Les Paul and Strat style guitar in front of an 80's JCM 800 and Splawn QR. It was more fun to use in front of the 800 than the Splawn since the Splawn already does this sound naturally. If you can get a decent quality JCM 800 fro around $700 and this pedal you have that modded Marshall tone without spending $700 fro some dude to hack up your amp.


Beware though you will need a noise gate because this thing burns the front end of your amp so heavily that it creates a lot of noise. not a bad thing just the normality or operating in this setting. It gets really angry and actually very fun to play some old VH or Ratt riffs with this setup.


Extremely easy to use and no need of a manual. However, Keeley does include a manual for his 5 start tone stack which what he calls his mod to this pedal. Plus this unit came with an additional chip inside that change the clipping and tone as well. Not sure the name for it...I think it was called the brown chip or something. I never really flipped in and out the chips but once to test...found the one I liked and used that exclusively.