Barber LTD
Barber LTD

LTD, Overdrive pedal from Barber.

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LordRiffenstein 03/31/2011

Barber LTD : LordRiffenstein のユーザーレビュー (content in English)

"Fantastic low gain pedal and boost"

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The layout is straightforward but there is something under the hood as well. Volume and gain don't need an explanation, the tone control however is not like your everyday tone. From 12:00 and up, it adds highs and subtracts lows, below 12:00 it's the other way around. On the inside, there are 2 controls to set bass and presence. With this simple layout, it's possible to fine-tune the LTD to perfection.


The LTD does not have a lot of gain, running the gain wide open and using humbuckers you can get a nice classic rock sound. However, the LTD excels at low gain tones and as a boost. Setting up is easy although some people might find the internal controls annoying. I was using it with different amps but never felt the need to change the internal settings after I had them tweaked when I just had the pedal.


I used the LTD for a long time and ran it with several different amps. It was the 1st pedal that I was able to dial in so it got me a great low gain/bluesy od with a clean channel and a nice boost on a crunch channel. It also worked equally great to boost other pedals.

At this point, I HAVE to use the T-word: transparent. That's what the LTD is. You can set it up to sound exactly like your amp. With the tone controls, I was able to setup the LTD and use it as a boost and have the same tone and feel, just more of everything. I know "transparent" is used to much but the LTD really can be as transparent as you like.


The LTD has been around for some time and is still regarded as one of the best low gain pedals available. I owned it for a long time and sold it to try out a bunch of other pedals but I will be buying one again later this year. It works great with pretty much any guitar and amp.