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mooseherman 01/28/2010

reFX Vanguard : mooseherman のユーザーレビュー (content in English)


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This "virtual analog synth" operates great and performs well, but it doesn't have the sounds that I traditionally associate with analog synths. It actually sounds exactly like what I imagine digital synths do, which is bad. I think that for any newer computer, compatibility won't be an option. I have a new MacBook Pro with 4 gigs of ram and a lot of memory and there weren't any compatibility issues for me. The manual definitely helped me with setting this guy up, though I still found the process tedious and my patience was tested. Setting up software of any kind is complicated for me though, so I can't say I'm too surprised. The setup wasn't too hard, as long as your VST host is in good shape you should be good to go. The regular functions of the synth are great if your controllers are all ready to go.


The software works fine for what it does. I have had issues where I've had to stop using this program because of the amount of RAM it requires, but this is only when also running PRO Tools and having the internet going. People with 2 gigs of RAM or less might run into trouble when it comes time to use it in Pro Tools or whatever DAW they use. I feel as though I'm getting the performance I expected out of it, which is a great collection of synth sounds for dance/techno music. However, as I didn't foresee my foray into these genres being as short-lived as it was, I got really bored of this quickly.


Here's the thing; I was always a huge fan of analog synths over their digital counterparts. I always maintained that they were warmer and could potentially be "dirtier" than digital. I still think this is true now, as these synth presets I find cheesy, overly glossy and generic. I find that these things could be used to make good music in someone else's hands, but since my uses for synths tend to be minimal at best, and I'm not a large fan of techno in general, I think that it wasn't for me. I also think that's its way overpriced, but I tend to think that about just about anything these days, especially with software. I can't say I've tried many other models, but there aren't any real other ones that caught my interest, either. It ended up being a large waste of money for me. I'm hoping I can make enough generic techno hits to make enough money to recoup. Keep in mind though, that many people are looking for exactly this kind of sound, and if that's the case, it performs well enough.