PropellerHead ReBirth 1.x
PropellerHead ReBirth 1.x

ReBirth 1.x, その他のバーチャルシンセ from PropellerHead in the ReBirth series.

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AlanForPresident 09/09/2012

PropellerHead ReBirth 1.x : AlanForPresident のユーザーレビュー (content in English)

"It has evolved"

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PropellerHead Rebirth has been out for some time now, it is basically the TB 303 Bass , the TR 808 and the 909 Drums machines from Roland all wrapped in to one unit (ReBirth). Over the years they have actually put out a lot of updates and made some changes with this software and now it can even be used on your iPad, it doesn’t just have to be on your Mac anymore. You can download ReBirth from the app store if you want to use it on your iPhone or iPad, otherwise you will just use it on your Mac the way it was originally created. The manual was key for me with this software because it was different to me, I had to refer back to the manual a lot at first. It took me about a week before I didn’t need it anymore, the manual is clear and easy to understand and use. It will really help you understand PropellerHead’s Rebirth pretty fast.


ReBirth works great and has never had any problems with it, it runs at a high performs on my Mac and now on my iPad (though I like the regular version for Mac better). I am pleased with how easy it was to install and open up, it doesn’t take long at all.


The price of ReBirth is very affordable, and you will get a great sound and product when you purchase it. It is pretty much a win win. After using the program all this time , there is no doubt that I would purchase it again if I needed to. You get a great program that is very versatile for a great price with all of Roland's Gems ( TB 303, TR 808, 909 ) in it. You have nothing to lose, especially if you love Roland's products.