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mooseherman 09/16/2010

Focusrite D3 : mooseherman のユーザーレビュー (content in English)

"Great Compressor Plug-In"

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I recently bought this compressor plugin as part of a bundle from Focusrite. This is a solid compressor, and can also be used as a limiter (though it is, for lack of a better word, limited in that capacity). I did not have any compatibility issues with this compressor, it works well with Pro Tools 8. I didn't really read a manual for this compressor specifically, just the bundle's installation instructions, which were direct and helpful. The setup isn't too crazy, and the controls are flexible. There is a knob for ratio, threshold, attack, release, input level, limiting threshold, and output level. There's a button to put it into "auto attack", which gives it a different sound with a stronger, reactionary attack. There are monitors for comparing the output to the compression levels.


The software has given me no problems as of yet. I think in general, the best thing that you can say about a software is that it works consistently, and this certainly does. It's as stable as any EQ, assuming your system is in working order. Having enough ram to run enough of these at once is necessary. My performance is generally fast, sometimes it takes a few seconds to load but nothing to complain about really.


This compressor does sound pretty good. I wouldn't use it in the studio if the studio had really nice outboard compressors, but compared to a lot of plug ins it can hold its own. I still wouldn't call it my favorite plugin compressor but I do enjoy using it quite a bit, especially when another one doesn't really do the job. I would say that, just like all the plug-ins in this bundle, it's on the cheaper end, and it's really good for home studio setups but I wouldn't use it much in a professional studio if they had better options.