Vinylrecorder T560

T560, その他の製品 from Vinylrecorder.

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radiobomb 06/30/2014

Vinylrecorder T560 : radiobomb のユーザーレビュー (content in English)

"boutique vinyl cutter"

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The T560 is a vinyl cutting lathe, cutting realtime using a custom metal yoke/support/cutting mechanism. It uses a Technics 1200mk2 [or later] for vinyl platter and playback monitoring arm.

A rack of analog gear is used to

1] optimize the signal for vinyl [subs/extreme highs, balance, stereo/mono control, horizontal treble, vertical treble].

2] Volume control of cut/playback monitoring.

3] Amp dispatch levels , 3 band eq, groove spacing, cutter diamond temp control, motor control switch

4] monitoring R/L/ST/horiz treble/vert treble

5] Peak metering

6] cutter amp

the cut vinyl extrusion is removed by vacuum pump directly from the cut.

sounds are 3D and fat. extreme care in set-up needed both sonically, and physically !
Some wow & flutter [option extra motor available], some background noise, like tape, but low.
very long learning curve ! loads of parameters to balance and each cut is different.

Good build quality. Good design.
Quality product.