Ebtech Hum X
Ebtech Hum X

Hum X, その他の製品 from Ebtech.

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JimboSpins 11/06/2012

Ebtech Hum X : JimboSpins のユーザーレビュー (content in English)

"get rid of that noise"

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I have been using the Ebtech HUM X for 5 months now, it is a ground loop eliminator and it is one of the most affordable worth buying ones that are on the market. With certain setups I was getting a horrible sounding hum from an amp earlier this year. I had no idea what to do to stop it and it was really messing up a lot of things for my set up. Someone recommended to me that I try the Ebtech HUM X.
So I purchased it for around 70 bucks plugged it in and bam! No more humming coming from my amp. It was that simple and that easy. I will never experience any humming again and if I do from another set up down the road I will know how to take care of it right away. The Ebtech HUM X did something amazing; it got rid of the humming without affecting any of the output sound quality coming from the amp.
It is very easy to use; you can just plug it right into your power source. It will keep a safe ground for your gear and nothing will make any noises or short out on you. The Ebtech HUM X is a must have, and when I say must have I mean you must keep it with your set up at all times because you never know when you could experience a humming coming from your amp. It is better to be prepared than to have a humming especially at a live show.
Many similar units will get rid of your ground all together, that is not safe at all and could result in serious electrical problems with your gear. Do not get a cheap ground eliminator that could end up costing your thousands in gear repair. Get the Ebtech HUM X and keep your gear safe and get rid of that ground noise!