Ebtech Hum Eliminator
Ebtech Hum Eliminator

Hum Eliminator, その他の製品 from Ebtech.

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wwhhhaatt 06/23/2011

Ebtech Hum Eliminator : wwhhhaatt のユーザーレビュー (content in English)

"great tool"

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The ebtech hum eliminator has two sets of 1/4" inputs and outputs that safely lift a ground from your signal.There is also a rack mount version which has 8 channels of the same. It does not require any power or special adapters which makes it an easy tool to grab and use. I sometimes runs two amps in stereo with an a/b box and run into ground loop problems which make my amps hum. Ground loops are an electrical problem that can introduce hum and interference into your signal when your equipment is connected to multiple ground sources . When this happens I just stick this little box between my pedal board output and the input of one of them amps. Voila noise gone. I have seen people do odd things like cut the ground off their amp plug or use butchered three prong adapters to avoid a ground loop. This is incredibly stupid and dangerous especially when a box like this exists. The ground on your equipment is what keeps you from getting electrocuted and should not be played with unless you know exactly what you are doing. I don't and that is why I bought this.

The only downside to this box is it seems to cut a little bit of high end from your signal .I'm guessing that since it is a passive device it loads your signal down a bit and robs you of some of the power. For me this is not a problem because I put it before the amp that is lower in volume and I can always just turn the treble up to compensate. Turning the treble up is not perfect but it is better than getting a loud buzz from your amp or altering your ground connection and getting shocked.