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Heavyspender 04/23/2008

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My RG120 is Japanese made. It has 24 frets with dual humbuckers. The bridge is a stock Ibanez bridge with tremolo unit. The amp has volume and tone selectors. It has a three way pickup selector switch. Not sure what wood the neck is made of, but it is your typical fast ibanez neck. It is thin, normal width and has small to medium size frets.


The neck, as with many Ibanez's has a very nice and fast feel. Because it is a twenty-four fret neck, I can easily get to that wonderful high E either by bending up to it, or by simply striking the 24th fret on the 1st string. Give it some wild vibrato and Yngwie would be proud! Cutaways are well cut such that it makes it even easier to access the top notes. The guitar is very light and is easy to move around with. With mine in black, it is very conservative and professional, yet the design still screams "rock star !" Controls are simple and spartan. I usually put the tone all the way. Volume knob depends on where I am in the song. I select the top (low end) pickup mode for smooth solos, and the bottom (high end/treble) pickup mode for rhythm playing and for screaming solos and finger-tapping. I do not use the middle pickup mode.


This guitar, even at entry level, is shred all the way. Just perfect for me. When I go play a Jackson or even a Fender stratocaster, which I used to play, I am out of my element. That is how much I like the way Ibanez's play. If I buy an upgrade guitar, it will most likely be an Ibanez. (I've already got my eye on one.) I play mine through several pedals, including a Zoom multi-effect. I play through a Hartke half stalk, a Fender stage 185, a Crate gx30m, and a Fender Frontman, as well as a combination of these. Even though this is a double humbucker shred guitar, I feel it plays clean sounds / jazz and blues well, at least in my style. The wonderful clean sounds from my Fender amps also help. This guitar is great for heavy music as well as soloing. Get it set up, and you understand why the Satriani's of the world can solo for so long! The only drawback of lower action is the fret buzz, but that may be my guitar repairman's fault, not the guitar.


I've had this guitar for about 3 1/2 years and have been using it a lot since. It's such a great guitar for the price. It has seen me grown leaps and bounds in my development as a guitarist, and it's only considered a beginner electric ! I wish it had a better humbucker in the bridge position (the one in the bridge position does not have as much volume as the one in the neck position.) I also wish it had a H-S-H configuration and a tremolo unit that doesn't make the guitar go out of tune, but that's what an upgrade is for. I didn't try many other models besides this one, and since I didn't try out a Jackson, Hamer, Bc Rich etc, I probably didn't need to. I think my choice at the time was great. I still want to keep using this entry level guitar, as I would rather upgrade my amps and effects before I do my guitar.