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Fireguy8402 11/20/2011

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"My Number One!"

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The Agile LP2500 is a dual humbucker single cutaway electric with a solid mahogany arch top body, with a body style similar to that of a Gibson Les Paul. The guitar has full body and neck binding. The neck is set-in maple with a rosewood fretboard and trapezoidal pearloid inlays. This guitar has a 22 jumbo 2.7 mm frets and a 13.7” (350 mm) radius neck. It is wired like a standard two bucker equipped Les Paul with two volume and two tone controls and three way pickup switch. Width of the neck at the nut is 1 5/8” and 2 3/16” at the 22nd fret. The scale length is 24.7” and the bridge pole spacing is 3” on the Tune O Matic style bridge. The body thickness at the edge is 2” and the weight varies on these models from 8 to 12 pounds with an average weight of around 9 or 10 lbs. The stock humbuckers on this model are ceramics and these models were made in Korea.


This guitar is very easy to get a good sound out of. It sounds very much like the big named brand it’s trying to copy, and plays better than most in it’s price range. The action on this guitar can be set very low without fret buzz and the neck seems very stable. The Grover tuners on this thing are great and hold tune very well, no need to upgrade those. Personally I love a hefty guitar that doesn’t feel like a toy, but some people want or need a light guitar. While there are certainly some differences in weight between specific guitars in this line, overall this guitar is a heavy instrument. I find it very comfortable to wear and play, but someone with back issues or a small frame may have difficulties playing the guitar for a four hour bar set. Access to the upper frets is not as easy as it is on a Stratocaster, but that’s due to the design of the guitar and not the instrument itself. Switches, jacks and hardware have all been going strong for around 10 years now, so no issues there.


This guitar sounds like a Les Paul. You aren’t going to get the quack of a Strat or the twang of a Tele out of this guitar. It does what it does very well though. Cleans are fat and cutting on the bridge and smooth and round on the neck pickup (though I find the neck pickup a bit too muddy for my tastes). The PAF pickups that come stock in the guitar may lack a little clarity, but they sound tasty distorted as well. Super high gain users may have issue with the stock pickups and feedback, but I’ve never had any problem with that unless I am trying to use it musically. This guitar resonates and sustains for days, I love it. Overall the sound is very warm but cutting great for country through rock music, with a pickup change the sound could be focused in a little more for modern metal use.


Overall I am very pleased with my Agile 2500 and it has been my main gigging axe for almost a decade now. I’ve owned several guitars with the big names that cost way more, but I always wind up coming back to my Agile. It is a super guitar for the money and a great guitar at any price. I would suggest anyone looking for a dual humbucker sound to pick one up because it will not disappoint and the customer service is great.