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moosers 06/08/2009

AF Content Manager Fiche CM : moosers のユーザーレビュー (content in English)

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The Fender American Vintage Series '62 Jaguar is an electric guitar that is made in the USA and has two single coil pick ups.  It has all sorts of tone knobs including switches to choose between the different pick ups and to choose between different combinations of the two.  It also has tone wheels as well as a bright switch and two volume knobs.  The guitar also has a whammy bar and has the standard 1/4 inch input.

Playing the Fender American Vintage Series '62 Jaguar is really a pleasure as the neck of the guitar is extremely fluid and has a great overall feel.  It is easy to play all around the neck and feels great for playing both lead and rhythm guitar parts.  Getting a good sound from this Jaguar is a pretty easy thing to do as it not only has a great inherent tone but also has a ton of different tone knobs that allow the user to get a wide array of different sounds from within the guitar.  The guitar also has a great shape to it and is one that has become synonymous with the Jaguar.

I use the Fender American Vintage Series '62 Jaguar with a '76 Fender Twin Reverb and occasionally some effects pedals but I find that even when I just use this guitar for clean tones that I'm able to get some really awesome sounds and I'm able to get them in great variety.  My favorite part about this guitar is all of the tone knobs and wheels that it has on it that make it possible to get so many different tones.  This guitar is great for all types of music although I use it mostly for rock and pop as that is the type of music that I usually play.

I've been using the Fender American Vintage Series '62 Jaguar for recording for about two years and it is definitely one of the cooler guitars that I've used not only because of its great versatility in terms of tone but also because of its awesome look and feel.  This guitar isn't all that cheap, but is reasonable when you consider you are getting a top notch guitar that will last a lifetime if treated right.  If you are in the market for a new electric guitar that has a unique blend of look, feel, and sound the Fender American Vintage Series '62 Jaguar is as good of a choice as any.