Frontier Design Group TranzPort

TranzPort, Other MIDI Control Surface from Frontier Design Group.

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moosers 08/08/2010

Frontier Design Group TranzPort : moosers のユーザーレビュー (content in English)


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Frontier Design Group's Tranzport is a wireless remote control to use with your DAW. It's a simple USB based controller that really just controls the bare minimum in terms of what it will control in your DAW. It's compatible for both PC and Mac systems and I believe it suitable for use with pretty much any DAW. It comes with a receiver that is attached to a USB plug and goes into your computer. It's of course very nice that it's wireless as you can move it anywhere you need. It's great for times when you're the only person working on a session or if you're playing and aren't right next to the computer. Some of the controls found on Tranzport include a full array of traditional transport buttons like play, record, stop, fast forward, etc. It also then has individual track parameters like record ready, solo, and mute, and a set of track toggle switches to choose the track you'd like to apply these parameters to. You can also do punches and add markers with Tranzport. Lastly, there's an screen that shows each track's levels and name, as well as what time you're at in the song. It doesn't have a fader, which is really the only thing missing here. We have one of these in one of the smaller studios at the studio complex where I work, and people definitely seem to like to have the option of using it. It's definitely best suited in a smaller home studio, but I can see it being useful across the board. I do wish the price was a bit more reasonable, as it seems to be a bit expensive for something of this make up, but I guess it's because it's wireless. Either way, Frontier Design Group's Tranzport wireless DAW controller is a great little tool to help you use your DAW a bit easier.