Fulltone GT-500
Fulltone GT-500

GT-500, Other guitar saturation effect from Fulltone.

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moosers 02/01/2010

Fulltone GT-500 : moosers のユーザーレビュー (content in English)


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The Fulltone GT-500 is a FET based distortion and booster pedal designed for use with electric guitar.  The pedal can be used with any electronic instrument, but I've only got experience with the pedal in tandem with electric guitar.  The pedal is made up of analog parts and has standard 1/4 inch connections and power supply characteristics.  The pedal isn't rack mountable as it is a foot pedal.


The Fulltone GT-500 pedal is split up into two different sections.  Since it is both a distortion and booster in one, it has the two split into different sections.  The booster section has parameters for volume and drive, along with buttons for highs and bass control.  The distortion part of the pedal has knobs for volume and distortion and three buttons for bass, mids, and highs.  Another really cool parameter that the pedal has is the ability to choose which way you want to route the different effects.  You can either have the booster or the distortion in front, which is really cool as it really makes the pedal two in one.  I've never seen the manual for the GT-500 so I can't say anything about how it is put together.


The Fulltone GT-500 comes in two different models - one is FET based and one is not I believe.  The one that I have used is the red, FET based pedal.  Both the distortion and the booster sound like top notch pedals on their own, so combining the two makes for a killer pedal.  I've used the pedal with a Fender Stratocaster and a '76 Fender Twin Reverb, which for me seems like the the perfect combination for a pedal of this type as the distortion and booster are both very transparent sounding.  I love distortion that is dirty but still has some clean aspects where you can still hear everything perfectly, which is exactly the type of sound that you get from the GT-500...


Since the Fulltone GT-500 is really like two pedals in one, it does have the price tag to go along with this.  However, it is still a reasonable price considering how well made this pedal is and how great it sounds.  I love having both a high quality booster and distortion all in one, and they have really made it so it has the feel of two separate pedals.  The distortion sound probably isn't for everyone, but for me the Fulltone GT-500 provides exactly the type of distortion/overdrive sound that I look for.