Massey Plugins Tools Bundle
Massey Plugins Tools Bundle

Tools Bundle, Other effects bundle or multi-effect from Massey Plugins.

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moosers 10/04/2011

Massey Plugins Tools Bundle : moosers のユーザーレビュー (content in English)


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The Massey Plugins "Tools" Bundle is an unofficial collection of plug-ins made by Massey. These plug-ins were put out before any of the Massey plug-ins that are on their website now that so many of us have come to know and love. While I've found places where you can download this collection of plug-ins, you won't find any of them on the Massey website itself. Included in the Massey Toolkit are the High Resolution Meter, Listen, Slacker, Talkback, Recall Notes, WetDry, and Mid/Side plug-ins. These are all utility plug-ins and aren't effects. I don't know all of the systems that these will run on, but I've got RTAS plug-ins of them all on my system at home. I know that you can also run TDM versions as well. They are all very simple plug-ins as they don't have much in terms of controls and most of them will just do the job once you pull it up. No manual was made for the Massey Tools Bundle.


I've currently got the Massey Plugins Tools Bundle running on my Pro Tools 9 system at home. I have a Digi 002R audio interface and a Mac Book Pro lap top computer that has a 2.2 Ghz Intel Core 2 Duo processor and 4 GB of RAM. Since I'm not running Pro Tools HD, all of these plug-ins are running in RTAS format and run just fine on my aforementioned system.


While you won't be able to find the Massey Plugins Tools Bundle on their current website, you should still be able to find some downloads out there for these plug-ins. They were free to begin with so it's not like you're stealing them, but they aren't made available outright by Massey any longer. If you are running Pro Tools, these are almost a must have. The plug-ins in particular that I use the most are Talkback and the High Resolution Meter, which are both very handy plug-ins to have in the studio. If you're still reading this review, I'd highly recommend doing a quick search for these to see what you can find!