Audio Ease Rocket Science Bundle
Audio Ease Rocket Science Bundle

Rocket Science Bundle, Other effects bundle or multi-effect from Audio Ease.

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sw80 10/27/2012

Audio Ease Rocket Science Bundle : sw80 のユーザーレビュー (content in English)

"It is not Rocket Science.."

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The Audio Ease Rocket Science Bundle is only available on a Mac OS, and it is a plug-in bundle that comes with three different plug-ins; Roger, Orbit and Follo are the names of the plug-ins you get with this bundle. Roger will allow you to work with humanized vowel filters, Follow is more of a band pass filter for your audio signal and Orbit will let you create some space for your sound source. Orbit is the better plug-in out of the 3 because it will allow you to basically have a virtual room and set where the sound is coming from.


The Rocket Science Bundle is very easy to work with and it is very light on your CPU. I have had no crashes or freezes while using it with Logic or Pro Tools. It is also very affordable costing only 229 dollars online. You don’t get a boxed copy of it, once you pay it will be available to download immediately. I have not seen a manual for this bundle so I am not sure that it comes with one. But it is easy to figure out on your own because the program is not that in depth with anything.


Using The Audio Ease Rocket Science Bundle will give you some new things to work with on your instrument, vocal and master tracks. I would not purchase this bundle if you already have a good reverb plug-in.
The quality of the Rocket Science Bundle is great for the money spent. I am happy that I purchased this a few months ago, but wish it had a few more options as far as the presets go for the Orbit plug in. I have not used any other similar bundles from Audio Ease, so they are a new company to me. I am interested to see what else they come up with in the years to come.