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FP User 11/01/2008

Electrix Mo-FX : FP User のユーザーレビュー (content in English)


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This machine is built like a TANK, with solid, heavy, easy to grip knobs. Lots of lights too, but they all serve practical purposes. Cut-in buttons and a tap tempo feature make this machine perfect for live/DJ use. No external power supply/wall wart, and the ability to connect to it using RCA or 1/4" cables is great. One of the coolest-looking pieces of gear I own.

Price paid: $180.00 USD


Midi-control means that you can easily re-create settings and seamlessly integrate the Mo-FX into a PA rig. Not immediately as user friendly as the Pioneer stuff, but way better and more original sounding.


INSANE!!! All analogue effects make this machine sound worlds better than the digital Pioneer EFX unit. Although it will take a user a fair amount of practice to master this machine, it can subtly affect sound or completely mangle it depending on how far you turn its knobs. My only complaint is that the Distortion block could have been a lot rougher-sounding.


You could probably hammer nails with this thing. The entire machine is solid and smooth. Never called tech support, doubt I ever will.

My love for it has increased a lot after I took the time to practice using it. While at first it seemed like a crazy noise-box, I have now learned that it can also do all the things a DJM-500 or EFX can do, and sound better as well. Worth the time and the money, it is a classic piece of gear.

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