Tech 21 Trademark 60 1x12
Tech 21 Trademark 60 1x12

Trademark 60 1x12, Modelling Combo Guitar Amp from Tech 21 in the Trademark series.

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iamqman 07/22/2011

Tech 21 Trademark 60 1x12 : iamqman のユーザーレビュー (content in English)

"Not too bad"

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Tech 21 it one of the king of direct boxes and the inventor of the revolutionary sansamp series stompboxes. Tech 21 in one of the most resourceful companies on the market today. They have products in the hands of amateur musicians and professional musicians around the world. They have successfully provided the industry with pedals and effects that have been used to accompany many players rigs and clubs. They have successfully developed one of the most used power amps on the market today. This is one of there very popular combo amps.


Master section features active Low and High EQ controls, master Reverb and Boost. Midrange is individually controlled by Punch in Channel 1 and by Growl in Channel 2. Top-of-the-line, full-length Accutronics® 6-spring reverb. Boost function, for solos, increases the volume level up to 9dB without altering your tone. Unique Link button connects the Boost and Reverb functions to increase the size of your sound as well as the volume. Headphone output, which doubles as a 1/4” direct out. Multi-function footswitch (included) selects channels, activates the Reverb and Boost functions and engages the Effect Loop. Utilizes any standard 1/4” instrument or speaker cable.


Model Number
Input Impedance
Nominal Input Level*
Optimum Output Load
8 Ohms
Power Output
Effect Loop Input Impedance
Maximum Effect Loop Input*
approx. -6dBu
Effect Loop Output Impedance
Nominal Effect Loop Output*
approx. -20dBu
Nominal XLR Output*
approx. -20dBu
Maximum Power Consumption
AC Input Power (Factory Set)
110V, 117V, 230V, 240V
Speaker Celestion® Seventy80 Model #CT2112-8 12", 80W, 8Ω
Cabinet Dimensions
20"l x 11"w x 18"h
36 lbs


This amp is not an amp modeler or an effects based mp that can have on board effects built right in. This is a basic solid state amp that delivers two channels one for clean and one for the gain and distortion tones. This amp can get dirty on the clean channels such as a classic Vox AC30 type tones or other British.

The front panel is pretty unique instead of the tradition style EQ names like bass, middle, and treble you have names such as drive, punch , and growl. You also have boosting functions appropriately named weep, bite, and link. This is one interesting amp and an amp that doesn't really need a whole lot of time to get it up and running.

This is a plug and play amp as the features are different but quickly understandable. This amp sound good with any guitar that you have. It is not particular to a certain to one specific guitar or single soil humbucker. It sounds great with anything you've got.


At new these amps come in right at around $400. Not that bad of a price for a nice little two channel deluxe amp. You get a great array of sound and also a nice reverb inside. I would recommend this amp to anyone who doesn't want to spend a lot of money and wants a decent sounding solid state amp. The Tech 21 guys know how to get a nice growling sound out of a pedal and here in a combo amp.