EastWest The Dark Side
EastWest The Dark Side

The Dark Side, その他のバーチャルインストゥルメント from EastWest.

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PaulyPaul 10/16/2012

EastWest The Dark Side : PaulyPaul のユーザーレビュー (content in English)

"Very dark sounds, not for me.."

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All of East West plug ins are very good, “The Dark Side” is another one from them, it is a 40GB collection that comes on a DVD. It does take up a good amount of hard disk space and it will use some CPU. You will need to make sure that you have a Dual Core PC with a fast processor or else this will run really slow on your system and it will make it pretty much unusable. It does require iLok and iLok is not included with the purchase of The Dark Side. It can run on your Mac and your PC.


All of the presets and sounds in The Dark Side are arranged into groups so you can find them easily. It comes with basses, guitars, keyboards, strings, FX, Synths, and all of your percussion sounds. Most of the sounds in The Dark Side are not really clean. They are “dark” and muddy on purpose to give that scary eerie feeling to it. I would not purchase this if you are not looking for dark sounds, because that’s all this really is.


But this is most definitely the best “dark” type of synth and VST plug in that is out to this date. But I must warn you it is not for everyone. I suggest reading some reviews before purchasing, you would not want to waste your 350 dollars buying something that you can not return. I wish they mixed in some cleaner sounding synths and instruments so it was more of a total package instead of just geared toward dark music and sounds. It would make it a lot more appealing. It is great if you are into those type of sounds, but it just was not for me, I made a mistake purchasing it and have moved on. It does run great, but I can not do too much with all of the dark and eerie sounds.