PRS Custom 24 10 Top - Vintage Burst
PRS Custom 24 10 Top - Vintage Burst

Custom 24 10 Top - Vintage Burst, その他のタイプのギター from PRS belonging to the Custom 24 model.

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iamqman 08/16/2011

PRS Custom 24 10 Top - Vintage Burst : iamqman のユーザーレビュー (content in English)

"Exotic look and feel"

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The Paul Reeds missed guitars are a very elegant guitars that are built with extremely high build standards and very high-quality wood components. These are some of the most beautiful guitars that you can find in any guitar shop or any studio. They use some of the most premium woods and precise build standards.

Paul Reed Smith guitars have been featured by thousands upon thousands of musicians around the world. So the most prolific guitar players and professional guitar players have used these guitars on their recordings and on touring stages.



- Back Wood: Mahogany
- Top Wood: Maple
- Top Wood: 10 Top Flame 10 Top Quilt

- Number of Frets 24
- Scale Length: 25 inches
- Neck Wood: Mahogany
- Fretboard Wood: Rosewood
- Neck Shape: Wide Thin or Regular
- Inlays: Abalone Birds

- Bridge: Tremolo
- Tuners: PRS 14:1 Phase II low mass locking tuners
- Hardware Type: Nickel
- Treble Pickup: HRS Treble
- Bass Pickup: Vintage Bass
- Pickup Switching: Volume and tone control with 5-way rotary pickup selector

Includes PRS guitar case.


This is one of the best sounding guitars that you can buy. It has a great sick beautifully rich sound with its mahogany neck in mahogany body. Features a rosewood fretboard and a cool birds pearl inlay. They have unique feel to the neck and I don't really know how to describe them other then there not the normal Fender or Gibson They have just the most beautiful top you've ever seen on a guitar. I'm not really a fan all that much of Paul Reed Smith guitars because of their overpriced price points that they have on these guitars. However they have the most exotic look to them how to any other guitar manufacture that I've seen. The tops of them with their quilt in maple top in their flame tops are some of the most beautiful guitars that are in production.

These guitar sound excellent with their own Paul Reed Smith guitar amps. They sound great for country guitar players all the way up to modern metal guitarists. You can find the guitars on just about any stage of any genre of music. They are very good with clean amps as well as high gain amplifiers. There really isn't much that these guitars cannot do as far as being able to match most music. I think that is one of the big selling points to these guitars is that you can play him in virtually just about any music imaginable.


This guitar is priced rider round $3000 which is a little high for most people but this is the kind of guitar for a professional or someone who's bitterer playing a long time knows exactly what they want. I would recommend this guitar to someone who knows exactly what they want and has been playing for probably a long time to discover that. These are great guitars to look at their great guitars to play, but I prefer a slimmer neck so these guitars to me don't fit my style. It's a very chunky thick neck which I personally like the fender style neck, so this one doesn't suit my standards. They're beautiful guitars and a lot of people will like them if they can afford them.