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heads on fire 09/10/2011

PRS McCarty : heads on fire のユーザーレビュー (content in English)

"The neck makes it worth it."

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USA made

Mahogany body, flame maple top

A variety of gorgeous poly finishes

East Indian rosewood neck

Bird inlays optional

2 PRS McCarty humbuckers

PRS Stoptail bridge

Volume, tone, 3 way switch, push-pull tone pot to split pickup coils

Vintage Kluson-style tuners


The guitar plays like a dream, looks like a dream, and sounds like a dream. Am I dreaming? The East Indian rosewood neck feels incredibly smooth, and adds a lot of resonance to the acoustic tone of the instrument, as well as sustain. The McCarty is basically a PRS guitar with Gibson-type features, so it sounds and plays similar to a Les Paul. The addition of the coil-splitting capabilities adds a lot of versatility to this guitar.

It's a touch on the heavy side - mine was about 8.5 pounds. But it isn't terrible on the shoulder.

Tuning stability was top notch, as the stoptail/vintage tuner combo held up nicely. The bridge is a lot easier to intonate than I thought it would be, as it doesn't have individual movable saddles.


The guitar rules! I played it on different Mesa combos, Bogners, and Fenders, and it sounds every bit as good as an old Les Paul, with some nice Tele and Strat tones thrown in for good measure. Complex chords ring through, with each note distinguishable even on the most distorted settings. Sustain for days, and a great compressed bloom for cleans. Perfect 10.


This is the guitar that got away for me. I really wish I had it back. I like everything about it, but the neck is to die for! It's not quite as versatile as, say, a Parker Fly, and it is a bit hefty, so it got knocked down a touch on my ratings for that. Also, it's more expensive, but not by much. I'd definitely get another if I had the money and could find one.