PRS CE24 Black Cherry
PRS CE24 Black Cherry

CE24 Black Cherry, その他のタイプのギター from PRS.

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iamqman 08/19/2011

PRS CE24 Black Cherry : iamqman のユーザーレビュー (content in English)

"Black cherry icecream!"

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PRS guitars are some of the best looking boutique get tarp out there. There are great quality at great build standards and they're just exceptional to look at. They also are able to branch through multiple genres of music and not stay particular to one style.

This guitar is it is quite a beautiful guitar. The nice beautiful finger flamed maple top just looks great on top of the mahogany wood body. The nice curvature to this guitar is another selling point to the Paul Reed Smith guitars. The curved heels in the blend of the actual laminate top to the body is very well put together. You have your standard humbucker pickups that are a very good quality sounding pickups.


The tone of this guitar is quite exceptional. It can go to country blues all the way up to metal music. It has a great sustain and just an overall great sound with this very versatile guitar. I don't find at the Paul Reed Smith guitars had as much sold as a Gibson Les Paul does but it's still has a great versatility and they are great gigging guitars.


Is guitar sound exceptional with their own Paul Reed Smith amplifiers. They just sound very country very clean and bluesy with their clean amplifiers. But stick this thing in front of a nice high gain amplifier and you can get some really good chunky thick distorted tones. I really dig these guitars in a high gain amplifier setting . They just have a good quality and sustain that matches very well with a high gain amplifier. Just about any application will sound great with this guitar.


You can find these guitars for right around $1000 give or take a few hundred. That is a pretty expensive price for a guitar but then again this is a professionals guitar and not a beginner or learner guitar price. Either way this is an exceptional guitar for someone who likes a boutique quality likes to craftsmanship of of the guitar and prefers a more custom piece because these can come in a various of different colors.