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iamqman 10/12/2011

PRS CE22 : iamqman のユーザーレビュー (content in English)

"Tobacco is good in this case"

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Paul Reed Smith guitars sound very well in pretty much any musical setting that you put the men. Whether it's a clean spanky style Fender type tone all the way up into the hard rock or metal style of music. These guitar sound really good across the board. They specialize in beautiful exotic construction and build quality. They're very exotic to look at and the flamed maple tops which have been a telling point of these guitars are very good.



* 1 11/16" wide nut
* PRS 14:1 low mass locking tuners
* maple neck
* rosewood fingerboard with 10" radius
* 25" scale length
* mahogany body
* carved flamed maple cap
* PRS tremolo bridge
* Dragon II pickups with covers
* 5-way rotary pickup selector
* PRS hardshell case


I love the tone of this guitar and a hard rock high gain setting. They sound great with a clean setting to medium gain setting as well, but I really like a good saturated amplifier. They feature mahogany wood for the body and for the neck with a rosewood fretboard. These guitars generally have a nice steak chunky neck that allows you to get a good thick sustain. I really like the sound this guitar with primarily a Mesa Boogie amplifier or a Bogner amplifier. When you get a good thick high gain to low gain frequencies this guitar really shines in that setting. Overall these are great amplifiers in pretty much any setting in musical genre you can think of.


I highly recommend these guitars anyone is looking for professional sound a guitar and definitely an exotic looking guitar. These guitars can be found used online and in a lot of classifieds. I believe that they have been discontinued for a while now so the used market is the only way to go. PRS has many other models to choose from. These guitars are priced and aimed at someone is looking for exactly what they know they want and for professional musicians with high budgets. They are fun guitars and they have a great balance and overall great feel throughout the entire instrument.