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iamqman 08/19/2011

PRS CE22 Mt : iamqman のユーザーレビュー (content in English)

"Beautiful guitar!!"

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Paul Reed Smith guitars are very elegant beautiful they use great looking woods and are some of the most well built guitars in the industry. These guitars are exotic finely tuned but also very expensive. They have a great look to them and their flat-out gorgeous.

This particular guitar has a lovely sunburst paint job that just looks amazing! You have a very slight flamed maple top that just barely fingers out through the guitar. My only beef with this guitar is that the head stock doesn't match the rest of the guitar. It just looks out of place to me.


This particular guitar has a great-looking mild flame top on mahogany wood mahogany neck in rosewood fretboard. This is a sunburst color which is one of the best looking colors I think that Paul Reed Smith guitars feature. You had to exceptionally placed on humbucker pick ups they have a spectacular tone to them and they really resonate with this guitar.


The tone of these guitars are exceptional making it fit into any musical genre that you can think of. I have seen them used with country players all the way up to modern metal guitar players. They're able to clean up very well as well as get a good chunky sick distortion tone. These are some of the most versatile guitars out there and it's a bit surprising because they've be look like they're kind of like a mix between a Les Paul and perhaps some other fender type guitar but they have their own thing going on totally.

These guitars sit well with any amp you put them through such as a fender clean amp or even a Mesa boogie or Marshall high gain amplifier. They can clean up with the best of the best Fender single coil guitars and they can get down and dirty with some of the best metal guitars.


I would recommend this guitar to someone who wants something that's completely versatile to be able to do a lot cover songs blend with a lot of different types of music and not really fit to one particular standard of genre. These are pretty expensive guitars come in around $1500 which is a bit high for what you get with this guitar in my opinion. I would recommend this to someone he knows what they want is played this guitar and can jive with it because they're a little bit different feel then a Les Paul guitar and a little bit different feel than a Fender Stratocaster guitar.