LTD F-250 - Black
LTD F-250 - Black

F-250 - Black, その他のタイプのギター from LTD in the Standard F series.

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Hatsubai 05/31/2011

LTD F-250 - Black : Hatsubai のユーザーレビュー (content in English)

"Visual Kei gone wrong"

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The ESP LTD F-250 is part of the F series that's meant for those who have to have "the look" when playing guitars. This model, in particular, is meant for those who are on a seriously tight budget. The guitar has an agathis body, maple neck with a rosewood fretboard, 24 extra jumbo frets, arrow head inlays, a licensed floyd rose bridge, two humbuckers, one volume, one tone and a three way switch.


The guitar, quite simply, sucks. The fretwork is pretty bad. The edges are sharp, and the frets are not properly crowned like they should be. The guitar has issues with certain notes on the fretboard not making any sound due to the frets not being perfectly level. The floyd rose bridge is a licensed pot metal bridge, but it's not TOO terrible. I mean, it's still bad, but there are worse ones out there. They could have done worse in that aspect.


The sound is atrocious. I can't stand agathis wood at all. The thing wasn't resonant at all, and the pickups were especially brutal. The neck was a muddy mess, and the bridge had no definition at all. To be honest, I wouldn't bother replacing the pickups in this as it'll just be a waste of money. In fact, the pickups will probably cost more than the guitar costs. I can't believe that LTD still uses agathis wood in this day and age. I understand it's due to cost, but I'm sure they could at least find some cheaper mahogany or something out there to use.


If you're thinking about buying this guitar, don't. Besides it being totally ugly, the fretwork is bad, the wood selection is woeful, the pickups are atrocious and it just doesn't sound good. If you want the F series, look for a higher model LTD and buy used. That'll be your best bet in getting a decent sounding one for a good price. These lower model LTDs just aren't worth considering.