Hamer Slammer Series Diablo
Hamer Slammer Series Diablo

Slammer Series Diablo, その他のタイプのギター from Hamer.

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iamqman 09/15/2011

Hamer Slammer Series Diablo : iamqman のユーザーレビュー (content in English)

"Good wood on that guitar"

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Hammer guitars build some pretty good sounding an good quality guitars. A lot of their influences come straight from the playbook of Gibson or a fender but some other guitars have a variance in different shapes and features compared to those other manufacturers. This guitar is basically super Stratocaster guitar which means it has the Fender Stratocaster body shape but it has to humbucker pickups rather than single quilt pickups. This is good to be basically and 80 style guitar because of the sender shape with the two humbuckers installed.


This is a guitar that also features a Floyd Rose tremolo system which gives it that 80s feel and look. It has 24 frets with its two humbucker pickups along with the volume control knobs and a tone control knob. It also has a three way pickup selector to select each pick up and also the position in between the two pickups. This guitar features a bolt on neck which gives a sturdy feel and look. Is good to get great sustained even though it has a Floyd Rose tremolo system. This guitar also features a rosewood fretboard which balances out the overall tone and guitar.


This guitar has a great 80's sound primarily because it has an alder body wood with a hard rock maple neck. It also has a very beautiful and unique sunburst paint job. This guitar sounds great in any setting that you have. Whether it be a clean amplifier for a high gain amp, these guitars that sound pretty good in all scenarios. If you like the sound of the Floyd Rosing is there like the sound of this guitar coupled with its to him but couldn't pick ups. Some people don't like the sound of the Floyd Rose because they don't feel like it sustains as well as a fixed bridge but I love Floyd Rose bridges.


These guitars wer back in the 90s and so you can find them in the used classifieds or online somewhere. This is a good guitar for someone who doesn't want to shell out the money for an American made guitar or doesn't want to get a Kramer or a Charvel guitar. This is a good alternative to does types of guitars.