B.C. Rich NJ Classic Mockingbird
B.C. Rich NJ Classic Mockingbird

NJ Classic Mockingbird, その他のタイプのギター from B.C. Rich in the Mockingbird series.

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tjon901 05/25/2011

B.C. Rich NJ Classic Mockingbird : tjon901 のユーザーレビュー (content in English)

"A radical but classic B.C. Rich"

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This guitar is a B.C. Rich Mockingbird classic. It has a Spalted Maple top which looks really good and unique. The headstock has a Spalted Maple veneer and 6 tuners. The headstock has creme binding. The neck is a 5 piece neck through with two strips of walnut breaking up 3 large strips of maple making the neck very strong. On top of that is an ebony fretboard with 24 jumbo frets and inlays. The edge of the body is beveled to kind of give it a natural binding look. It has two B.C. Rich in house pickups called rockfield mafias. The body is two mahogany wings attached to the 5 piece maple and walnut neck. It has a Gibson style tune-o-matic bridge and stop tail piece. It has two volume knobs and one tone knob with a toggle style 3 way pickup selector. The volume knob is right next to the brdige pickup so you can easily do volume swells.


With the guitars shape and heavy beveling it is very easy to reach the upper frets on the neck. The shape of the bottom horn lets it rest perfectly on your leg when playing sitting down. The beveling on the top of the guitar prevents the edge from digging into your arm and possibly hurting you. The neck is a D shape and it is not too thick. The ebony fretboard feels smooth under your fingers.


Neck Through guitars are brighter than most guitars due to their construction. THe mahogany wings on the body balance out the brightness caused by the neck. It sounds more like a Les Paul than a strat due to its construction and hardware. This guitar is meant for heavy music and with the stock pickups you can do heavy music find. They have plenty of output and can drive most amp. Acoustically this guitar sounds a little thin.


This guitar is very reasonably priced for the features. You will have a hard time finding another neck through construction guitar with an ebony fretboard. I dont know why more companies dont make their guitars like this. It is clearly the best method for neck construction. The shape may be radical to some but to others its a classic shape. The shape has been around since the 70s and was way ahead of its time then.