Sony ECM-909
Sony ECM-909

ECM-909, その他のマイク from Sony in the ECM series.

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jasbo555 12/14/2009

Sony ECM-909 : jasbo555 のユーザーレビュー (content in English)

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I actually signed up to this site, purely, initially anyway, to share my experience of using the ecm-909 microphone. After having spent £150 on a microphone , i wasnt too impressed.....i was looking for a microphone i could feel very comfortable with and confident with. After looking through a junk shop on a day out with my wife ...i noticed an old sony cassette recorder....with the aforementioned ecm-909 microphone. I asked how much they wanted for the mic. I was told £3......and took it not knowing the quality of the mic but knowing that sony only do maybe the mic could be useful. The mic is so good that i have gigged in many different environments, and can honestly say that it is brilliant....suits me perfectly not only for live but also for recording......its a great little mic.....and have yet to hear anything come close to my Roland ac 60 amp with the sony ecm-909 microphone....i write my own stuff and have a baritone voice.....there is a lot of depth in the mic which suits me sound is quiet acoustic...similar to jackson browne (hope i spelled it right ?) or the eagles acoustic in short, i would highly recomend getting your hands on one of these babies......although you might have to search !


Only comment on this section i can make is that the quality is brilliant........but i did have to solder a cable to the wires to adapt it to XLR