CAD U37 Studio Recording Mic
CAD U37 Studio Recording Mic

U37 Studio Recording Mic, その他のマイク from CAD.

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ericthegreat 10/26/2011

CAD U37 Studio Recording Mic : ericthegreat のユーザーレビュー (content in English)

"usb mics are ok"

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I purchased the CAD u37 usb mic on New Years Eve, right before 2010. So ive owned it for about a 2 year now. I have done about 400 musical projects with this mic. This mic is good, but only good to a certain point. but one thing you cant do, : you cant buy a mic, use it for the first few times, and call it a good mic. i have to rate this mic in every area. This mic doesn’t really give vocals a good warm studio sound like what everybody says. And you can actually take this mic anywhere you want to go without the hassle of hooking up extra hardware (preamps, mixers, interface ext.) The mic clip, the part where the mic connects to the stand, well that lil circle thing isnt too helpful after owning this thing for a year, and for it to be a USB mic, then I think it should have been made for traveling and being tossed around because of the flexibility of it. then after using it for a year, i noticed that the screens can easily pop off (even though mine haven’t). the quality of the sound decreases after a while. you wont be able to notice, until you gain.


The CAD u37 doesn’t look attractive in any way, it feels and looks like something you can buy from Toys R Us. But its pretty flexible, well even though you can pod cast, record on-the-go, and hook it up to a computer easily, doesn’t mean its flexible. since its a USB mic, you cant upgrade the quality. i mean its a great mic, but you get what you pay for. if all you have is $70, and that’s all you want to spend on a mic, then get it. this mic really helped me out.