Audio-Technica AE2500

AE2500, その他のマイク from Audio-Technica.

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crankyrayhanky 08/08/2012

Audio-Technica AE2500 : crankyrayhanky のユーザーレビュー (content in English)

"Dual Mic= perfect phase"

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I used this mic for recording only, but I hear top bands have used this on tour with great results. There are 2 mic built into the capsule: a dynamic and a condenser.


I was thrilled when I first received this mic. Capturing sounds with 2 mics can get tricky as phase issues can be a demon destroyer. This mic solves the dreaded phase anxiety, as it sports a condenser and a dynamic in one capsule…brilliant!
I primarily used this mic on the kick drum. It was excellent in this application, as the condenser and dynamic were in perfect harmony capturing a wide range of nuances in the sound. Depending on the placement, you could easily get a killer drum kick sound of a wide range of styles. I especially like hard rock drums- plenty of attack with some low end power. Best results were with the drum just inside the drum hole pointing at the beater; this delivered a nice balance of snap and thump.
I used this mic on a snare top and was blown away- it sounded beyond great. But the problem was, compared to my 57, it just was a little too bulky for my slop technique…I like it on the kick, so that’s where it usually stayed.
I heard Metallica (or Megadeth?) used this mic on guitar cabs on one of their recent tours, so I happily tried that…it sounded good, the 2 capsule blend is really a great design. However, I like a 57 better than the ae2500’sdynamic, and I like the 4047 (and maybe the 4033) better than the ae2500’s condenser. Overall I tend to use my ribbon mics the most, so the while the ae2500 was a solid choice for electric guitar, it fell short in tone…but your mileage may vary.
In the end, I began to think this mic sounded really good on a lot of sources, but not quite the best on anything. I eventually began to use a D6 close on my kick with a 4047 or ribbon a foot or two away and found that sound to be vastly better than the ae2500. I imagine if I was running a club, this mic may be a good choice to have for the house kick mic…but I’m really loving the power and snap of the Audix D6. After 2-3 years of solid service, I sold the mic off.