Planet Waves Pro-Winder
Planet Waves Pro-Winder
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moosers 02/22/2010

Planet Waves Pro-Winder : moosers のユーザーレビュー (content in English)


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The Planet Waves Pro-Winder is an all in one guitar string winder and cutter. Most winders out there do not contain any sort of cutting device, which is really the main attraction with this model. It is a very compact piece of equipment, and all of what it does is very self explanatory. Having some sort of a string winder around is definitely a good idea for all guitar players out there, as it just makes the process of changing your strings all that much quicker and easier. The Pro-Winder is built well and will definitely last a while as long as you don't lose it or treat it poorly. The cutting portion of the Pro-Winder cuts through your strings easily, making quick work of the ends of your strings that you don't need. Having both of them within a single product is a really good idea, as I often find myself struggling to find a wire cutter on hand after I have changed my strings. Planet Waves is one of the leaders out there when it comes to guitar accessories, so if anyone was going to put out a product like the Pro-Winder, I'm not surprised that it was them. While the Pro-Winder will definitely cost you a few extra bucks when compared to the cheap, plastic, more traditional string winders out there, for me it is worth it to have the cutter on the other end, as it seems the price of this would be just about the same as if you were to buy a string winder and a wire cutter separately. This definitely isn't a necessary accessory for your guitar, but it can definitely make changing your strings that much easier, which is worth it for me as I like to do it as quick as possible. With a cheap price like this, ordering one of these up was really a no brainer, and I have been using it to help me change my strings on all of my guitar ever since...