E Bow E Bow Plus
E Bow E Bow Plus
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moosers 11/19/2010

E Bow E Bow Plus : moosers のユーザーレビュー (content in English)


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The E Bow Plus (manufactured by Heet Sound) is a unique device, dubbed the "Electronic Bow." It replaces your fingers or pick and works by holding it up to the strings of your guitar and it will sustain the note you're playing. It delivers a sound that's not possible without it. When I first got it, it opened up a world of possibilities for me, as it's like getting a new effect that can be used in any capacity you'd like. The E Bow Plus has two different modes on it, one is the regular E Bow mode and the other is a feedback mode. It's not hard to use or to play with, but did take me a little while to figure out the best positioning and all that. I've owned by E Bow for about four or five years and I still continue to use it all the time. It's perfect for adding in ambient guitar parts in any capacity, or just for getting some literally endless sustain happening. I also tend to use it a lot with slide, which I think makes for a really unique sound. It's also really cool to use with other effects like delay and reverbs, as you can really get some wacky sounds. If you are unsure of what kind of sounds the E Bow will give you, rest assured that you've definitely heard it used before on many recordings. I'd pull up a quick video or sound clip and you should pretty much instantly recognize the sweet sound that the E Bow Plus has to offer. The price of the E Bow plus is a bit less than $100 US dollars, which is definitely reasonable in my opinion. I'd definitely encourage you to try the E Bow Plus out if you're at all thinking about getting it, as I know once you try it you're going to want it. For me it's the gift that keeps on giving as I've used it on countless recordings and I'm still exploring new sounds with it.