BBE Supa-Charger
BBE Supa-Charger
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mooseherman 12/01/2010

BBE Supa-Charger : mooseherman のユーザーレビュー (content in English)

"Sweet power supply with hum cancel and voltage switch!"

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This is a power supply for guitar pedals made by BBE. This is a pretty awesome power supply, as it has 8 channels that can be used simultaneously for different pedals. This alone makes it pretty cool. A cool feature of this power supply is that it has a toroid transformer which cancels hum. This is good because often times the primary source of hum comes from the power supply that the pedals use, and not necessarily the pedal itself. There are a lot of instances where the hum can't be cancelled of course, but this power supply will certainly minimize those instances. If you daisy chain a few pedals with the same power supply, that'll give you more options, but keep in mind that you may increase the chance of hum if you do that.
Another cool feature of this power supply is that it can operate at different voltage levels. This is great for players who play overseas and need to switch because of the electrical currents over there. This is a constant problem that occurs quite often over there, as American players have to buy new gear, or buy converters for their old stuff. If you fancy yourself touring overseas anytime soon, and you haven't equipped yourself as far as your pedal board is concerned, this will probably make a great option.
This is probably only for people who've been frustrated with their pedal supplies, or are touring overseas as previously mentioned. Some might complain that there are only 8 inputs, and that they all are for 9V batteries, which might not work for every pedal, but that's a minor complaint as most people will be fine with this. It's actually not that bad in terms of price, especially given the noise cancellation and voltage switching. I would say that supply comes highly recommended overall.