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moosers 01/26/2011

Shure A57F : moosers のユーザーレビュー (content in English)


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The Shure A57F is a simple microphone clip, compatible for use with most microphones but specifically made for a number of different Shure microphones, namely the popular Shure SM57. The mic clip isn't fancy at all and really can't do much beyond hold your microphone in place, which for me is enough with something like this! What I mean by this is that it's not a shock mount in that it doesn't suspend your microphone at all. The size of the clip should fit most standard sized microphone, and certainly almost all hand held microphones like the SM58 or 57. Most microphones from Shure of this size will come with this clip, but you can also purchase it on it's own.


I don't know the complete list of microphones that would fit the Shure A57F, but definitely rest assured that most microphones will fit this. I'd of course double check the size of your microphone and this clip before buying it if you're looking at it to use with a non Shure mic, but most will be able to fit it. It's a really sturdy clip and is made out of hard plastic, making it so you can only adjust the screw itself for placement purposes. There's really not much more that you need to be aware of with the Shure A57F, as it's a simple mic clip that will do the job more times than not. The only thing is that since it is hard plastic, if you break it it's going to be hard to keep using, as a rubber clip will most likely last longer. However, if you're careful with this and your mic, this should last as long as anything. Buying it individually may not be worth the price since you can most likely get a non-brand name mic clip for cheaper, but if you've got a Shure SM57 or a mic like it, this is the clip that was meant for it...