sE Electronics Reflexion Filter Pro
sE Electronics Reflexion Filter Pro

Reflexion Filter Pro, その他のマイク用アクセサリ from sE Electronics.

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moosers 10/01/2009

sE Electronics Reflexion Filter Pro : moosers のユーザーレビュー (content in English)


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The SE Electronics Reflexion Filter is a recording accessory designed to block out sound around your microphone.  It only has value within the studio as it really has no use outside of the studio, unless however you are using it for recording on the go, which is one of the best qualities of this.  It is built quite sturdy and will last a while if it is treated well.


I've used the SE Electronics Reflexion Filter a bunch of times for recording both inside of a good room in a studio as well as in a room without any isolation or sound proofing.  While it can do good things in the studio, I think where this really makes its money is in rooms that aren't acoustically treated.  In both cases, it does a great job of blocking out noise and sound in a room that might not exactly be suited for recording in.  It is great for use on the go if you are looking to record things on the road or in your home studio or house.  This has gotten a lot of praise from home studio owners and engineers as a cheap and simple way to clean up your sound.  Most home studio owners probably don't have a great room that you can record in, and this helps to ease that burden a little bit by providing a cheap solution for isolating your microphone.  While it is probably suited best for recording vocals, it will work okay for recording just about anything that you want to get a clean and up close sound with.  While the price isn't dirt cheap, it is definitely really cheap when compared to other treatment options.  All in all, the SE Electronics Reflexion Filter is a great product that will serve a lot of home studio owners really well.