AKG KM235/1 Stereo Microphone Bar
AKG KM235/1 Stereo Microphone Bar

KM235/1 Stereo Microphone Bar , マイクスタンド/ブームスタンド from AKG.

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JeffTadashi 06/21/2012

AKG KM235/1 Stereo Microphone Bar : JeffTadashi のユーザーレビュー (content in English)

"If you need two mics on one stand..."

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The AKG KM235/1 Stereo Microphone Bar is a small, versatile microphone stand accessory that can hold two microphone clips onto a single stand. It is 8.5" in total length, and it has three separate sections: The primary bar that screws onto a single american mic stand threading, and two pivotable arms. The two arms are very tight, and only move when you are adjusting them; there is no need to loosen and retighten the arm positions at all. They can pivot the full 360 degrees, given that the other arm doesn't get in the way.

To attach the two mic clips, there is a special metal part that both screws into the arm, and screws into a mic clip. This way, you can adjust the depth of the special metal part, in case you have a mic clip that has either a shallow or deep threading inside of it. However, this setup has a lot of extra moving parts, threadings, and it can be a bit confusing to get the mic clips threaded correctly, and tightened in the correct position. You may have to buy or use a mic thread washer in order for the mic clip to be tightened in the correct position, and I know I have some problems setting it up properly. However, the special metal part is easily adjusted by hand, as the handle is very wide.


The overall material of this microphone bar is very solid, all metal and no cheap plastic anywhere. It is aesthetically simple and clean, and for the most part, it functions just as intended. If you need to hold two mics in an a/b position for drum overheads, or use them for other stereo setups, this accessory can reduce the number of stands and clutter of your stereo setup. Be sure to try it out first, and see if it works with your mic clips.