PRS Singlecut
PRS Singlecut

Singlecut, LP モデル from PRS.

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ibanez4life SZ! 04/14/2011

PRS Singlecut : ibanez4life SZ! のユーザーレビュー (content in English)

"The Modern Les Paul!"

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The original Singlecut is Paul Reed Smith’s take on the classic les paul shape, offering

-25” scale
-22 frets
-mahogany body and neck with rosewood fingerboard
-Wide-fat neck carve
-PRS wrap-around stoptail bridge
-2 volume 2 tone configuration
-2 humbucker configuration w/ PRS #7 pickups
-3 way toggle between pickups, offering bridge, neck, and both
-vintage style tuners


Playing the guitar is a breeze. For me, PRS guitars play amazingly, obviously assuming it is setup properly. The neck and body are FAT, and the guitar is heavy, but this does not make the guitar any harder to play in my case, though a shredder used to Ibanez or EBMM ergonomics may feel otherwise. The stoptail, though not fully adjustable, intonates surprisingly well assuming you use reasonable gauge strings and close to standard tunings (I’ve had no trouble even as low as Drop C with 11-52, again assuming a proper setup). Those tuning lower, and seeking better control of the intonation can seek the fullyadjustable model of the stoptail. Though non-locking, the vintage tuners keep the guitar in tune perfectly- no need to swap them IMO.


The PRS Singlecut, though Les Paul like in shape, offers a very different sound. The overall tone is sharper and more modern, though still very big sounding, thanks to the huge slab of mahogany. The #7 pickups offer a large range of versatility, handling cleans all the way to higher gain applications no problem. Though they don’t quite excel at anything, they allow the guitar to handle a large array of tones quite well- I may even dub them PRS’s most versatile pickup. Those desiring even higher gain applications, I recommend swapping the bridge pickup to a PRS Tremonti, though don’t say I didn’t warn you!


The PRS Singlecut quickly became, and still is to this day, my favorite guitar. It plays almost effortlessly, and never lets me down in the tone department. The base sound of the guitar is simply described as BIG. Depending on the pickups, it quickly can morph between a smooth and pleasant sounding fiddle, to a screaming axe.