Parker Guitars PM-20Pro
Parker Guitars PM-20Pro

PM-20Pro, LP モデル from Parker Guitars in the PM series.

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heads on fire 11/03/2011

Parker Guitars PM-20Pro : heads on fire のユーザーレビュー (content in English)

"Great value in a LP style axe."

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Korea made
Mahogany body
Set mahogany neck
Ebony fretboard
String-through-body tuneamatic bridge
Seymour Duncan Jazz and JB humbucking pickups
Coil tapping
10" to 13" conical fretboard radius
25-1/2" scale
Nice binding


This guitar is extremely easy to play, owing to Parker's smooth 10-13 inch conical fretboard radius. This makes the guitar's fretboard more curved up near the nut, so barre chords and open chords are easier to play, but more flattened in the higher frets, so that scales and single note playing is easier. The ebony has a nice feel to it, and the binding is a great cosmetic bonus. The outline of the body looks a bit more traditional, but with a touch of class.

The guitar is noticeably heavier than the USA made models - this is due to not using the carbon fiber and thinner woods that the American guitars use. That's not necessarily a bad thing - it's not a HEAVY guitar, but it is a different animal than a USA Parker.

One thing I do appreciate about this guitar over my USA Parkers is the fact that it is a hardtail bridge. I love the smoothness of my USA tremolos, but the stop tail of the PM20 Pro allows me to set the guitar up in different tunings much more quickly.


With Seymour Duncan JB and Jazz pickups, as well as coil tapping, this guitar can get a world of great sounds. Thick, singing sustain, or breathy airiness, it will do about anything it is asked to do. Metal, Jazz, Country, Rock...this guitar gets a nice tone for nearly any style of music.


For the price, this guitar can't be beat. If one doesn't need a completely traditional axe, this is a very nice choice. I recommend it due to the versatility in sounds, the classy look, and the fantastic fretboard. A+.