Gibson Les Paul Custom (1975)
Gibson Les Paul Custom (1975)

Les Paul Custom (1975), LP モデル from Gibson in the Custom Shop Les Paul series.

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iamqman 08/19/2011

Gibson Les Paul Custom (1975) : iamqman のユーザーレビュー (content in English)

"Just enormous power"

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Gibson Les Paul has to be the best and most highly used rock 'n roll guitar with areas. It has a great tone that is very rich and warm it extremely musical. It features to humbucker there's two volume control knobs into tone control knobs and pick up selector switch. This is not necessarily flashy guitar and you see a lot of boutique guitars with their nice flame and finger maple tops this does has a have a nice top of mixes well with the mahogany wood but it's not is flashy in over the price expensive as some of those guitars can be. This guitar is great players guitar even know it is a bit expensive for most people's budgets due to that fact that is it 35+ years old is a fantastic sounding him warm rich tone.


The Gibson Les Paul tone has to be the best tone for rock 'n roll hard rock music. It's also great for metal and great for pop music as well. It has a good overall sound voicing that mixes well with pretty much any style of music. Whether you play blues pop rock or even metal this guitar has a versatility to make that matches even the best and most obscure styles of music. This guitars has an a exceptional red paint job that just looks vintage no matter what angle you look from. It is deep and thick that just makes this guitar look amazing!


I love the sound of this guitar when it's mixed with a great high gain amplifier such as a base boogie or Marshall amplifier. Even with a nice clean amplifier this guitar can get a very good musical clean bluesy tone in the neck pick up. If you roll down the tone knob just a hair on the neck pick up then you can get a good solid sustaining bluesy rhythm town it's an absolute fantastic tone for Solo playing in lead line riffing. It's a very musical guitar and the maple top mixes quite well with the mahogany body and neck woods.


I have no idea what these guitars go for right now in the used market but i bet it is expensive. Then again this is a good professionals guitar and would be priced towards that consumer. I highly recommend this guitar anyone he wants to step into a better sounding guitar any more versatile sunny guitar . This is a players guitar and he should be played night after night gigging or even just riffing around in your bedroom. It's a fantastic universally sounding guitar that mixes well with whatever the player style and expertise is.