Gibson 1959 Les Paul Standard VOS - VOS Iced Tea Burst
Gibson 1959 Les Paul Standard VOS - VOS Iced Tea Burst

1959 Les Paul Standard VOS - VOS Iced Tea Burst, LP モデル from Gibson in the Custom Shop Les Paul series.

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iamqman 11/30/2011

Gibson 1959 Les Paul Standard VOS - VOS Iced Tea Burst : iamqman のユーザーレビュー (content in English)

"Gorgeous guitar!"

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The Gibson Les Paul guitar is a nice warm guitar that fits in pretty much any style music to throw in. It has a nice fat chunky neck and a great sustain that makes it very pleasing to anyone he uses a overdriven pedal into an amplifier or just an all-out overdriven tube amplifier. When you combine it to humbucker pickups that are in these guitars with a nice thick weight and mahogany wood coupled with a nice heavy duty high gain amplifier you can get a great sound for hard rock and metal and pop music.



Gibson VOS '59 Les Paul Reissue - Figured Top

* 1 11/16" wide nut
* Bound Madagascar rosewood fingerboard
* Period correct trapezoid inlays
* Vintage-style, vintage-profile fret wire
* Historically accurate thin fingerboard binding
* Historically accurate carved arch
* Period correct height of the binding in the cutaway
* Accurately sized back control pocket route
* Historically accurate 1/2-inch wire channel from toggle switch to control pocket
* 5/8-inch heel with accurate heel shape
* Correct distance between pickups
* Historically accurate bridge, tailpiece, and control holes
* Correctly tapered headstock with tuner holes in a straight line
* 3/8-inch back-edge radius
* Period correct shallow neck angle for lower bridge height
* 8.45 pounds overall guitar weight


I love the tone of these guitars because they have a great sustain and chugging ability when you palm mute the strings. It has a nice feel and overall a nice wait for hard rock and metal sounds. Usually these guitars are featured in many of the pop rock and metal scenes but they're able to clean up somewhat decently but not nearly as bad as good as a Fender guitar can clean up. They generally don't use a Gibson Les Paul guitars and a clean setting because the weight and tone of it doesn't really get at sparkling clean chiming tone. But when you get some good overdriven sounds with this guitar you're to be in musical heaven.


You can find a Gibson Les Paul guitar in pretty much any retailer online and just about every guitar shop in the world. The one of most easily recognize guitars and many of today's new modern boutique guitar builders have used to Gibson Les Paul body shape as a reference point with her own designs. I love the sound of these guitars because are great for recording and digging and they're certainly a players guitar. You can be abuse them and that still stay true and right to you day after day of playing.