Gibson Faded Series - Les Paul Special Faded
Gibson Faded Series - Les Paul Special Faded

Faded Series - Les Paul Special Faded, LP モデル from Gibson in the Les Paul series.

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iamqman 12/17/2011

Gibson Faded Series - Les Paul Special Faded : iamqman のユーザーレビュー (content in English)

"Nice price!"

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Les Paul guitar is a nice thick meaty type instrument that really gives you a deep resonant sound echoes really well with any type of pop, rock, a metal type music. This is the kind of guitar you want to grab if you needed extremely versatile instrument is going to be extremely accommodating for any guitar player with various styles of playing in music. This is a very fun guitar and it has a cool look to it as well.



490R alnico magnet humbucker at the neck
498T alnico magnet humbucker at the bridge
Mahogany body
1960 slim tapered neck
Rosewood 22-fret fingerboard
Chrome hardware


The tone of a Gibson Les Paul is a nice thick meaty tone primarily because of the mahogany body wood as well as in the neck. You get a nice rich deep tone that really accepts a load of distortions quite well. Even if you're playing a clean setting it does pretty good but not compared to a thinner woodbased body such as a Fender Telecaster or a Fender Stratocaster with ash wood or an alder wood base. Overall this is a nice rich tone guitar that sounds extremely well because it doesn't have a load of lacquer or paint on it. So it resonates quite well.


These guitars of been discontinued for a while now so the only way to get one is on a used or classified sections of forums or online classifieds. It's a cool guitar and you could probably find it pretty inexpensively if you look . I would recommend this guitar to someone who is looking for a nice introduction into the Gibson Les Paul world. This is a fairly inexpensive Les Paul model and so you can get it for under $1000 or so. So if you want that nice thick meaty Gibson Les Paul tone and don't want to spend a whole lot of money then this is a great first step for those guitarist who are on a budget but want this particular sound.